WCF and netTcpBindings

Is it just me that hates the way that WCF seems to break if you just look at the config file the wrong way? 

Anyway, after spending a couple of hours fighting with WCF trying to get it to work with netTcpBindings, I thought i’d share this blog post with some tips on what to check:


I’d pretty much done everything in this list except enable ” Windows Communication Foundation Non-HTTP Activation ” in windows features. After I found that and enabled it, and then fixed the port bindings (it will revert your tcp port bindings back to the default of 808), all was working well for me in WCF land once more. Hooray.

PS: If you do tick the non-http activation, and you already have .net 4 installed on your system, and you need to make use of the wcf from a web application using .net 4, then you’re going to hit some more problems and you’ll need to re-register .net 4 with iis - see http://blogs.iis.net/webtopics/archive/2010/04/28/system-typeloadexception-for-system-servicemodel-activation-httpmodule-in-asp-net-4.aspx